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Isolation and General Characterization of Polysaccharides from Tansy Tanacetum vulgare L.


Using extraction with 0.75% aqueous ammonium oxalate, the following polysaccharide fractions were isolated: tanacetans TVF, TVS, and TVR from floscules, sprouts, and roots, respectively, of Tanacetum vulgare L., spread throughout the European North of Russia. The sugar chain of tanacetan TVF consists of D-galacturonic acid (61.4%), arabinose (14.7%), galactose (10.2%), and rhamnose (3.7%) as the main constituents as well as xylose, glucose, mannose, apiose, and 2-O-methylxylose in trace amounts. Tanacetans TVS and TVR were shown to differ in the sugar quantitative composition. They contain 67 and 28% galacturonic acid, respectively. A partial acid hydrolysis of the tanacetan TVF gave a polysaccharide fragment TVF1, α-1,4-D-galacturonan (GalA 98.2%). Digestion with pectinase (α-1,4-D-polygalacturonase) resulted in fragment TVF3, containing residues of arabinose (27.1%) and galactose (17.3%). NMR spectroscopy allowed detection of the terminal residues of α-Araf and β-Galp as well as of the residues of α-Arap substituted in 3,5- and 5-positions. Thus, tanacetan TVF was proved to be a pectic polysaccharide.

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