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Quality characteristics of Canarium schweinfurthii Engl. oil


The oil content and quality characteristics of Canarium schweinfurthii Engl. oil are described. The oils were extracted from the mesocarp and endocarp using hexane to remove the free flowing lipid (FFL) and successive extraction with CHCl3-MeOH followed by water saturated butanol to remove bound lipid (BL). On a dry matter basis, the mesocarp contained 68.3% FFL and 13.7% BL while the endocarp contained 67.0% FFL and 13.0% BL. The quality characteristics of the mesocarp oil extracts were 151.9–195.3 mg KOH/g fat saponification value (SV), 20–40 mEq peroxide/kg fat peroxide value (PV), 71.1–94.9 g iodine/100 g fat iodine value (IV) and 1.33–8.30 mg KOH acid value (AV). Characteristics for the endocarp oil extracts were 95.4–184.3 mg KOH/g fat SV, 4.0–8.0 mEq peroxide/kg fat PV, 100.1–118.3 g iodine/100 g fat IV, and AV of 0.48–8.70 mg KOH. The fatty acid composition of the first hexane extracts indicated that the oils were primarily C16 and C18s. The mesocarp contained 31.7% hexadecanoic acid, 30.0% 9-octadecenoic acid, 30.1% 6,9-octadecadienoic acid and 8.2% 9,12,15-octadecatrienoic acid, while the endocarp, contained 31.2% hexadecanoic acid, 28.9% 9-octadecenoic acid and 31.3% 6,9-octadecadienoic acid.

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