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Robust Practical Point Stabilization of a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot Using Neural Networks

  • Rafael Fierro
  • Frank L. Lewis


A control structure that makes possible the integration of a kinematiccontroller and a neural network (NN) computed-torque controller fornonholonomic mobile robots is presented. A combined kinematic/torque controllaw is developed and stability is guaranteed by Lyapunov theory. Thiscontrol algorithm is applied to the practical point stabilization problemi.e., stabilization to a small neighborhood of the origin. The NN controllercan deal with unmodeled bounded disturbances and/or unstructured unmodeleddynamics in the vehicle. On-line NN weight tuning algorithms that do notrequire off-line learning yet guarantee small tracking errors and boundedcontrol signals are utilized.

nonholonomic systems mobile robots neural networks 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Rafael Fierro
    • 1
  • Frank L. Lewis
    • 1
  1. 1.Automation and Robotics Research InstituteThe University of Texas at ArlingtonTexasU.S.A.

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