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Androgen deprivation causes up-regulation of androgen receptor transcript in the rat prostate


We have studied the effect of androgenic deprivation on the level of androgen receptor transcript in the rat ventral prostate. The rats were treated with estradiol benzoate, flutamide and [D Trp6, des Gly10]gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) for different time periods. These treatments produced a significant decrease in the weight of prostate. Total RNA isolated from the ventral prostates was hybridized with the cDNA probe for androgen receptor. Densitometric analysis of the autoradiographic signal revealed a rise in the level of androgen receptor RNA following treatment of rats with estradiol benzoate and flutamide. Treatment of rats with [D Trp6, des Gly10] GnRH brought about a transient rise in the level of androgen receptor RNA. Thus, our results indicate that androgenic deprivation up-regulates the level of androgen receptor transcript.

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