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Assessment and Prediction of Contaminant Transport and Migration at a Florida Superfund Site


An important issue in the application of mathematical models to describe or predict the fate of solutes in soil and groundwater systems is providing the necessary data to support the spatial, temporal, and hydrogeologic model parameter requirements. The larger, more complex the model and scope of application, the more likely that significant amounts of data of several types are required. A management tool is required that allows the model and the modeler to interact with various needed databases, cope with numerous database management issues, efficiently achieve model parameterization and provide visualization of model output. The three-dimensional Groundwater Modeling System (GMS) that contains a state-of-the-art flow and solute transport model and a graphical user interface for data manipulation and analysis was applied to a Superfund site in Florida to demonstrate its capabilities for predicting solute migration.

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Chen, D.W., Carsel, R.F., Moeti, L. et al. Assessment and Prediction of Contaminant Transport and Migration at a Florida Superfund Site. Environ Monit Assess 57, 291–299 (1999).

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