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Response of Zymomonas mobilis levansucrase activity to sodium chloride


An activation of levansucrase-catalysed levan formation by NaCl, KCl and Na2 SO4 (0.03–0.7 M) was observed using cell-free extract of Zymomonas mobilis. A sigmoidal response of the rate of levansucrase-catalysed reaction to the sucrose concentration was significantly reduced in the presence of salts the Hill coefficient 2.10 and 1.0–1.2 respectively), possibly, due to the heterotropic activation of levansucrase as an allosteric enzyme. © Rapid Science Ltd. 1998

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Vigants, A., Kruce, R., Bekers, M. et al. Response of Zymomonas mobilis levansucrase activity to sodium chloride. Biotechnology Letters 20, 1017–1019 (1998).

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  • Zymomonas mobilis
  • levansucrase
  • sodium chloride
  • activation