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Factors affecting work of fracture of uPVC film


Essential work of fracture (EWF) approach was used to evaluate the fracture toughness of uPVC film. It was found that the specific essential work of fracture, (we) is independent of specimen width, specimen gauge length, loading rate and test temperature, but dependent on the geometry of the test specimens. Test temperature and geometry were the only testing parameters affecting the specific non-essential work of fracture (βwp) in a very significant way. The plastic zone shape factor (β) was found to be very sensitive to both the geometry and temperature. It was established that both we and βwp could be partitioned into components that are linked to yielding (i.e. we,y and βywp,y) and necking/tearing (i.e. we,nt and βntwp,nt) processes. The only testing parameter that affected we,y was test temperature, whereas we,nt was affected by test temperature as well as geometry. All testing parameters used in this study affected the values of βywp,y and βntwp,nt.

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  • Polymer
  • Fracture Toughness
  • Test Specimen
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