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Transatlantic latest Cretaceous mosasaurs (Reptilia, Lacertilia) from the Maastrichtian type area and New Jersey

  • Eric W.A. Mulder


Cranial and postcranial elements of the mosasaurid reptiles Mosasaurus hoffmanni Mantell 1829 and Plioplatecarpus marshi Dollo 1882 from the Maastrichtian type area, and of Mosasaurus maximus Cope 1869 and Plioplatecarpus depressus (Cope 1869) from New Jersey are compared. Views held by previous authors are discussed. It is concluded that these European and North American taxa are conspecific.

Belgium comparative osteology Late Cretaceous Mosasauridae the Netherlands USA 


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  • Eric W.A. Mulder
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  1. 1.Museum Natura DocetGL Denekampthe Netherlands

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