Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

, Volume 130, Issue 10, pp 969–972 | Cite as

Neuroprotective Properties of Nootropic Dipeptide GVS-111 in in Vitro Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation, Glutamate Toxicity and Oxidative Stress

  • N. A. Andreeva
  • E. V. Stel'mashuk
  • N. K. Isaev
  • R. U. Ostrovskaya
  • T. A. Gudasheva
  • I. V. Viktorov


Argon anoxia and glucose deprivation were used for modeling of ischemic damage in the cultures of cerebellar granule cells. Protective effect of peptide piracetam analogue GVS-111 was demonstrated. GVS-111 prevented neurodegeneration induced by glutamate and oxidative stress. In contrast to GVS-111, piracetam did not attenuate neurocytotoxic effect of glutamate.

cerebellar granule cells ischemia GVS-111 piracetam glutamate 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • N. A. Andreeva
    • 1
  • E. V. Stel'mashuk
  • N. K. Isaev
  • R. U. Ostrovskaya
  • T. A. Gudasheva
  • I. V. Viktorov
  1. 1.Brain Research Institute, Institute of PharmacologyRussian Academy of Medical SciencesMoscow

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