Catalysis Surveys from Japan

, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp 83–90 | Cite as

Recent progress in environmental catalytic technology

  • Katsunori Yogo
  • Masamichi Ishikawa


Recent progress and trends in environmental catalytic technology in Japan are described with emphasis on the catalysts having hybridized functions. In addition to automobile exhaust cleaning, use of environmental catalysts such as titanium oxide photocatalysts is rapidly growing for the control of residential environments, e.g., antimicrobial activity and odor control, as life styles change gradually and the living environment is deteriorating considerably. Many new catalysts are evolving through hybridization of functions. The market of environmental catalyst products in 2005 is estimated 2,000 billion yen/year (photocatalyst: 1,100 billion yen/year).

environmental catalyst titanium dioxide photocatalyst hydrophobilicity hybridized functions automotive catalyst 


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  • Katsunori Yogo
  • Masamichi Ishikawa

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