Sex Roles

, Volume 39, Issue 11–12, pp 903–912

Attitudes Toward Women's Roles in Society: A Replication After 20 Years

  • Robert Loo
  • Karran Thorpe

DOI: 10.1023/A:1018832823010

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Loo, R. & Thorpe, K. Sex Roles (1998) 39: 903. doi:10.1023/A:1018832823010


In many parts of the world, attitudes towardwomen's roles in society have been changing over the pastseveral decades due to changes in laws regarding womenand educational systems among other significant factors. The present study provides a 20-yearreplication, using the full version of Spence andHelmreich's (1972) well-known Attitudes toward WomenScale (AWS) with samples of mainly white undergraduates including nursing undergraduates at WesternCanadian universities in the mid-1970s and mid-1990s.Results based upon the full and subscale scores show asignificant liberalization in attitudes for both genders since the mid-1970s and a narrowing ofthe gender gap in the 1990s. Finally, the utility of theAWS after some 20-odd years is challenged.

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  • Robert Loo
  • Karran Thorpe

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