Transport in Porous Media

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Numerical Simulation of Single-Phase and Multiphase Non-Darcy Flow in Porous and Fractured Reservoirs

  • Yu-Shu Wu


A numerical method as well as a theoretical study of non-Darcy fluid flow through porous and fractured reservoirs is described. The non-Darcy behavior is handled in a three-dimensional, multiphase flow reservoir simulator, while the model formulation incorporates the Forchheimer equation for describing single-phase or multiphase non-Darcy flow and displacement. The non-Darcy flow through a fractured reservoir is handled using a general dual-continuum approach. The numerical scheme has been verified by comparing its results against those of analytical methods. Numerical solutions are used to obtain some insight into the physics of non-Darcy flow and displacement in reservoirs. In addition, several type curves are provided for well-test analyses of non-Darcy flow to demonstrate a methodology for modeling this type of flow in porous and fractured rocks, including flow in petroleum and geothermal reservoirs.

non-Darcy flow numerical reservoir simulation well tests multiphase flow porous and fractured reservoirs 


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  • Yu-Shu Wu
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  1. 1.Earth Sciences DivisionLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryBerkeleyU.S.A

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