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Slr Contributions To Fundamental Physics

  • Kenneth Nordtvedt


The gravitomagnetic interaction of general relativity must be incorporated into the Earth gravity model in order to obtain an unbiased measure of Earth's multipoles, and the strength of this relativistic interaction can also measured from SLR data by being introduced as a fit-for parameter in the total model. SLR measurements of the perigee precession rates of LAGEOS (and similar type) satellites are also a precise way to search for Yukawa-like interactions of range comparable to orbit sizes; and preferred frame effects in gravitational theory can also be sought. SLR's correlated measurements of particular parameters which appear in the models used to fit both SLR and LLR data can be brought into the LLR fits, achieving something like a ‘grand fit’ of those data sets; this should contribute toward substantial improvement in the precision with which scientifically interesting parameters are determined in LLR and other interplanetary ranging missions.

Earth rotation fundamental physics gravitomagnetism LLR SLR 


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