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Practical Estimation of Seepage Losses Along Earthen Canals in Egypt



Seepage from open channels is one of the major problems involved in the design of irrigation networks. However the advantage of conserving water is necessary as water is becoming a scarce commodity. As the suspended solid materials in water became less than 100 ppm after the construction of the High Aswan Dam (HAD) in Egypt, unfortunately few previous practical formulas for estimating seepage losses along earthen Egyptian canals are applicable and new design equations are needed. Through the present paper, extensive field data measurements have been carried out on carrier irrigation canals for seepage analysis. Regression equations were developed for relating seepage losses to the flow and geometrical canal parameters. These deduced equations are based on the inflow-outflow procedure and the boundary materials, and are valid for earthen canals having discharges ranging between 2 and 20 m3/sec.

seepage losses inflow-outflow method earthenchannels multiple regression 


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  1. 1.Research Institute of Channel MaintenanceNational Water Research Center, El-Kanater El-KhaireiaKalubeiaEgypt

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