Photosynthesis Research

, Volume 61, Issue 3, pp 253–267

Laser-flash absorption spectroscopy study of the competition between ferredoxin and flavodoxin photoreduction by Photosystem I in Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002: Evidence for a strong preference for ferredoxin

  • Karen Meimberg
  • Ulrich Mühlenhoff

DOI: 10.1023/A:1006308729990

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Meimberg, K. & Mühlenhoff, U. Photosynthesis Research (1999) 61: 253. doi:10.1023/A:1006308729990


The competition between ferredoxin and flavodoxin for electrons from Photosystem I was analyzed by flash absorption spectroscopy of the photoreduction processes that take place in the presence of both acceptor proteins in vitro. Steady state photoreduction assays indicate a strong inhibition of the apparent flavodoxin photoreduction activities of Photosystem I in the presence of ferredoxin. Flash-absorption experiments carried out at 626 nm, a wavelength where the reduction of ferredoxin shows no spectral contribution, show that the photoreduction of oxidized flavodoxin and flavodoxin semiquinone are inhibited by ferredoxin in a quantitatively similar way. The experimental data can be satisfactorily described by a reaction model that assumes that both redox states of flavodoxin do not compete with ferredoxin for binding on PS I and that the binding equilibrium between ferredoxin and PS I is not changed in their presence. In contrast, a model which assumes that ferredoxin and flavodoxin actually compete for binding to PS I gives poor results. Similarly, experimental data observed in the presence of both redox states of flavodoxin can also be quantitatively described under the assumption that the binding equilibrium between flavodoxin semiquinone and PS I is not disturbed by oxidized flavodoxin. Taken together, this analysis shows that PS I favors ferredoxin over flavodoxin and flavodoxin semiquinone over oxidized flavodoxin. This behavior is in accordance with the values of the dissociation constants for complexes between PS I and its acceptors. However, in case of ferredoxin the observed preference is stronger than expected from these values, indicating that ferredoxin is almost absolutely preferred by PS I over flavodoxin and is always reduced first.

cyanobacteria electron transfer flavoproteins iron–sulfur proteins Photosystem I soluble electron carriers 

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  • Karen Meimberg
  • Ulrich Mühlenhoff

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