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The Effect of Various Culture Media on the Formation of Embryo-like Structures in Cultures Derived from Explants Taken from Mature Larix decidua

  • J.M. Bonga


The effect of various collection dates and nine different culture media on the formation of ‘embryo-like structures’ (ELS) in cultures derived from explants taken from a 42-year-old Larix decidua tree was studied. The best medium was AFC, a medium low in NH4, NO3+, Mg2+ and SO42− but high in PO43− compared with the concentration of these elements in the other media. On AFC, ELS production reached a peak with collections made in late summer during the period when needle primordia are being initiated. For the other media, collection date had a lesser effect on ELS initiation.

conifers in vitro mature trees micropropagation somatic embryogenesis 


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  1. 1.Natural Resources CanadaCanadian Forest Service — Atlantic Forestry CentreFrederictonCanada

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