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Stochastic Models of Hot Planetary and Satellite Coronas

  • V. I. Shematovich


The hot planetary and satellite coronas are populated by the suprathermal particles produced in the transition region between the collision-dominated and free-molecule atmospheric layers under the external effects of electromagnetic and corpuscular solar radiation and magnetospheric plasma. We construct a numerical stochastic model to investigate both the local formation and kinetics of suprathermal particles and their transport to exospheric heights from underlying atmospheric layers. In contrast to other commonly used approaches, the suggested numerical model is suitable for studying the flows of atmospheric gas weakly and strongly perturbed by suprathermal particles, i.e., for studying the formation of hot planetary and satellite coronas proper. Highly efficient Monte-Carlo algorithms with weighted particles underlie the numerical implementation of the model. This numerical model is used to investigate the following: (i) the hot oxygen corona of Europa, a Jovian satellite, which is an example of a highly nonequilibrium near-surface atmosphere; and (ii) the nonthermal losses of nitrogen from Titan, a Saturnian satellite, when suprathermal atoms and molecules of nitrogen are only a small admixture to the surrounding thermal molecular nitrogen—the main atmospheric component of Titan.


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