Molecular Biology

, Volume 38, Issue 3, pp 388–400

Phylogenetic Analysis of α-Galactosidases of the GH27 Family

  • D. G. Naumoff

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Naumoff, D.G. Molecular Biology (2004) 38: 388. doi:10.1023/


Amino acid sequence analysis of α-galactosidases and other proteins of glycoside hydrolase family 27 (GH27) allowed isolation of three major subfamilies, 27a–27c. Unique isomalto-dextranase of Arthrobacter globiformis clustered separately. Eukaryotic proteins formed five clusters on a phylogenetic tree of the family. Bacterial GH27 proteins, which are relatively few, did not form stable clusters. A monophyletic origin of the GH27 family was demonstrated with the use of related proteins of the GH36 family. The structure of the active center and evolution of α-galactosidases are discussed.

α-galactosidase activity melibiase glycoside hydrolase carbohydrate utilization protein phylogenetic tree enzyme classification evolution multiple sequence alignment horizontal transfer 

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  • D. G. Naumoff
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  1. 1.State Research Center GosNIIgenetikaMoscowRussia

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