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Some physical and chemical characteristics of Lake Atnsjøen

  • Gunnar Halvorsen


The physical and chemical characteristics of the dimictic, ultraoligotrophic, and subalpine Lake Atnsjøen are described based on data from the period 1985–2001. The temperature stratification of the lake is weakly developed, with the thermocline at about 10 m depth. The surface temperature during summer is usually lower than 14–15 °C. The Secchi disk transparency is normally higher than 8–10 m in summer and autumn, but can be as low as 4.3 m during spring. The pH is about 6.0, and the specific conductivity about 1.0 mS m− 1. The dominating cation and anion are Ca (≈0.8 mg l−1 or 42 μeq l−1), and SO4 (≈1.5 mg l−1 or 33 μeq l−1), respectively. The concentration of bicarbonate (HCO3, μeq l−1) is sometimes lower, sometimes higher than that of SO4.

subalpine lake ultraoligotrophy time series 


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  • Gunnar Halvorsen
    • 1
  1. 1.Norwegian Institute for Nature ResearchOsloNorway

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