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The origin of the A genome donor of wheats (Triticum: Poaceae) – a perspective based on the sequence variation of the 5S DNA gene units

  • Bernard R. Baum
  • L. Grant Bailey


In a prior study on the haplomes of wheat using the 5S rRNA gene we assigned the long A1 and short A1 unit classes to the A haplome in the diploid T. monococcum. The short A1 unit class is absent in the tetraploids T. turgidum and T. timopheevii and in the hexaploid T. aestivum, although present in the hexaploid T. zhukovskyi. Both T. turgidum and T. aestivum contained a different 5S DNA unit class labeled the short A2.

The purpose of this paper was to study the short A2 units in the two diploid species to shed light on the theory that the A haplome donor of T. turgidum and T. aestivum was T. urartu. Fifty eight clones were obtained from 12 accessions, sequenced and analyzed. As expected T. baeoticum, which is often classified as a subspecies of T. monococcum, contained the long A1 and the short A1 5S DNA units. Unexpectedly, T. urartu had the long A1 and the short G1 unit classes instead and other units not found so far in Triticum. These findings support the hypothesis that the donor of the A genome in T. zhukovskyi was T. monococcum, as identified by the short A1 units. However, the short A1 units are absent in T. timopheevii, also a carrier of the A genome. The short G1 units found in T. urartu also identify it as a possible donor of the G genome to T. timopheevii. The short G1 units were also found in T. aestivum in our prior study. The long G1 unit class was not found in T. urartu but reported from T. timopheevii and T. zhukovskyi. The implications of these and related findings on the evolution of wheats are discussed.

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