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, Volume 49, Issue 3, pp 353–360 | Cite as

REVIEW: Are Idiopathic and Chagasic Achalasia Two Different Diseases?

  • Fernando A. M. Herbella
  • Daniel R. C. F. Oliveira
  • Jose C. Del Grande


Although Chagas' disease esophagopaty and idiopathic (primary) achalasia share several similarities, however, some differences between the two diseases have been noticed. To evaluate if treatment options and their results can be accepted universally, the authors review characteristics of both diseases in the international and Latin American literature. Neuronal denervation, sensitivity to gastrin, patient age, duration of symptoms, lower esophageal sphincter pressure, incidence of vigorous achalasia, and cancer risk are considered points of discrepancy between the maladies. Data with a high level of evidence base are scarce; however, differences between the diseases seem to exist, despite the fact that no influence on response to treatment was noticed.

achalasia megaesophagus Chagas' disease esophagus 


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  • Daniel R. C. F. Oliveira
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  • Jose C. Del Grande
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