Clinical Update: Medical Care of Transsexual Patients

  • Kathleen A. Oriel


Transsexual patients often have difficulty finding care because many physicians are not comfortable prescribing appropriate hormone regimens. Management of hormones for transsexual patients is not difficult, and these medications are safer than many therapies routinely prescribed by the primary care physician. The diagnosis of gender identity disorder (GID) must be established by an experienced mental health professional prior to consideration for hormonal management. Medical evaluation includes a thorough medical history, social history, family history, physical examination, and basic laboratory screening. If there are no medical contraindications, a variety of regimens for the male-to-female transsexual may be initiated, with initial close follow-up for medical and psychological well-being. There is less variation in female-to-male management with testosterone, but initial frequent follow-up is equally important. This review is intended to teach primary care providers how to initiate and maintain hormone regimens for transsexual patients and describe medical issues unique to transsexual patients.

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