Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing

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Circuit Design of an On-Chip Temperature-Compensated Constant Transconductance Reference



The transconductance of MOSFETS is very critical in analog integrated circuits, since it determines many important performance parameters such as gain, bandwidth, speed and noise. A novel on-chip temperature-compensated constant transconductance reference circuit is presented in this paper, which operates with a 1.8 V power supply and is implemented with a mixed-signal CMOS process. The transconductance of this circuit achieves a temperature coefficient of 136 ppm/°C over the temperature range of (−25°C, 125°C). Furthermore, this circuit also gives out a constant current reference realizing a temperature coefficient of 48 ppm/°C over the temperature range of (−25°C, 125°C). This circuit will finds popular applications in many kinds of CMOS analog integrated circuits.

transconductance CMOS bandgap temperature compensation 


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