Molecular Biology

, Volume 37, Issue 5, pp 716–722 | Cite as

Computer-Assisted Analysis of Regulation of the Glycerol-3-Phosphate Metabolism in Genomes of Proteobacteria

  • L. V. Danilova
  • M. S. Gelfand
  • V. A. Lyubetsky
  • O. N. Laikova


Comparative computer-assisted analysis was used to study putative GlpR regulons responsible for metabolism of glycerol and glycerol-3-phosphate in genomes of α-, β-, and γ-proteobacteria. New palindromic GlpR-binding signals were identified in γ-proteobacteria, consensus sequences being TGTTCGATAACGAACA for Enterobacteriaceae, wTTTTCGTATACGAAAAw for Pseudomonadaceae, and AATGCTCGATCGAGCATT for Vibrionaceae. The signals in α- and β-proteobacteria were also identified: they contained 3–4 direct TTTCGTT repeats separated by 3–4 nucleotide pairs.

GlpR tandem repeats computer-assisted analysis operon structure α-proteobacteria β-proteobacteria γ-proteobacteria 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • L. V. Danilova
    • 1
  • M. S. Gelfand
    • 2
  • V. A. Lyubetsky
    • 1
  • O. N. Laikova
    • 2
  1. 1.Institute for Information Transmission ProblemsRussian Academy of SciencesMoscowRussia
  2. 2.State Research Center GosNIIGenetikaMoscowRussia

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