Research on Language and Computation

, Volume 1, Issue 3–4, pp 265–305

Syntactic Structures as Multi-dimensional Trees

  • James Rogers


We survey a sequence of results relating model-theoretic and language-theoreticdefinability over an infinite hierarchy of multi-dimensional tree-like structures and explore their applications to a corresponding range of theoriesof syntax. We discuss, in particular, results for Government and Binding Theory(GB), Tree-Adjoining Grammar (TAG) and Generalized Phrase-Structure Grammar(GPSG) along with a generalized version of TAG extending TAG in much the sameway that GPSG extends CFLs. In addition, we look at a hierarchy oflanguage classes, Weir's version of the Control Language Hierarchy, which ischaracterized by definability in our hierarchy and speculate on possiblelinguistic significance of higher levels of these hierarchies.

automata control languages GB GPSG grammars Syntax TAG trees wMSO theories 


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  • James Rogers
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  1. 1.Department of Computer ScienceEarlham CollegeRichmondUSA (E-mail

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