Studies in East European Thought

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The Russian Spinozists

  • Andrey Maidansky


The article deals with the history of Russian Spinozism in the20th century, focusing attention on three interpretations of Spinoza's philosophy – by Varvara Polovtsova, Lev Vygotsky,and Evald Ilyenkov. Polovtsova profoundly explored Spinoza'slogical method and contributed an excellent translation of histreatise De intellectus emendatione. Later Vygotsky andIlyenkov applied Spinoza's method to create activity theory,an explanation of the laws and genesis of the human mind.

philosophy of Spinoza Spinozism Polovtsova Vygotsky Ilyenkov Russian Marxism activity theory logical method 


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  • Andrey Maidansky
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  1. 1.Department of HumanitiesTaganrog Institute of Economics and ManagementTaganrogRussia

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