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Integrated Design for Solid Catalysts in Multiphase Reactions

  • G. Centi
  • S. Perathoner


The integrated design for solid catalysts in multiphase reactions requires consideration of all the different levels of scale involved in the reaction which should be simultaneously addressed in an integrated view with the reactor design. Emphasis is given here to three main levels (nano-, micro- and macro-scale) at which catalyst design should be considered. The main concepts discussed are (i) control of the local effective concentration of reagents and possible deactivating molecules around the active sites by incorporating them into nanoporous cavities and by tuning the hydrophilic character of the support, (ii) possibilities offered by microstructuring the catalyst composition (multilayer design and microassembled catalyst bodies) and (iii) opportunities offered by the use of macrostructured catalysts (monoliths, cloths and membranes). The various levels of design are not independent. They must be considered in an integrated view and in close relationship with reactor design.


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  • G. Centi
    • 1
  • S. Perathoner
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Industrial Chemistry and Engineering of MaterialsMessinaItaly

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