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iMobile EE – An Enterprise Mobile Service Platform

  • Yih-Farn Chen
  • Huale Huang
  • Rittwik Jana
  • Trevor Jim
  • Matti Hiltunen
  • Sam John
  • Serban Jora
  • Radhakrishnan Muthumanickam
  • Bin Wei


iMobile is an enterprise mobile service platform that allows resource-limited mobile devices to communicate with each other and to securely access corporate contents and services. The original iMobile architecture consists of devlets that provide protocol interfaces to different mobile devices and infolets that access and transcode information based on device profiles. iMobile Enterprise Edition (iMobile EE) is a redesign of the original iMobile architecture to address the security, scalability, and availability requirements of a large enterprise such as AT&T. iMobile EE incorporates gateways that interact with corporate authentication services, replicated iMobile servers with backend connections to corporate services, a reliable message queue that connects iMobile gateways and servers, and a comprehensive service profile database that governs operations of the mobile service platform. The iMobile EE architecture was also extended to provide personalized multimedia services, allowing mobile users to remotely control, record, and request video contents. iMobile EE aims to provide a scalable, secure, and modular software platform that makes enterprise services easily accessible to a growing list of mobile devices roaming among various wireless networks.

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  • Huale Huang
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  • Rittwik Jana
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  • Trevor Jim
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  • Matti Hiltunen
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  • Sam John
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  • Serban Jora
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  • Radhakrishnan Muthumanickam
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  • Bin Wei
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