Space Science Reviews

, Volume 104, Issue 1–4, pp 209–251 | Cite as

Saturn's Rings: pre-Cassini Status and Mission Goals

  • J.N. Cuzzi
  • J.E. Colwell
  • L.W. Esposito
  • C.C. Porco
  • C.D. Murray
  • P.D. Nicholson
  • L.J. Spilker
  • E.A. Marouf
  • R.C. French
  • N. Rappaport
  • D. Muhleman


Theoretical and observational progress in studies of Saturn's ring system since the mid-1980s is reviewed, focussing on advances in configuration and dynamics, composition and size distribution, dust and meteoroids, interactions of the rings with the planet and the magnetosphere, and relationships between the rings and various satellites. The Cassini instrument suite of greatest relevance to ring studies is also summarized, emphasizing how the individual instruments might work together to solve outstanding problems. The Cassini tour is described from the standpoint of ring studies, and major ring science goals are summarized.


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