Journal of Solution Chemistry

, Volume 27, Issue 10, pp 887–900 | Cite as

Kamlet–Taft Solvatochromic Parameters for 25 Glycol Ether Solvents and Glycol Ether Aqueous Solutions

  • Anthony F. Lagalante
  • Christian Wood
  • Adam M. Clarke
  • Thomas J. Bruno


The Kamlet–Taft parameters for 25 glycol ethers and their aqueous solutions were measured. Values for the three Kamlet–Taft parameters: the hydrogen-bond donor ability, hydrogen-bond acceptor ability, and the dipolarity/polarizability, as well as the index of refraction, were determined for each pure glycol ether and each aqueous glycol solution. A correlation matrix between other known solvent parameters and the measured Kamlet–Taft values revealed only one correlation, suggesting that the three measured Kamlet–Taft parameters for the glycol ethers are independent solvent descriptors. Last, trends in the measured Kamlet–Taft values were related to functional group modifications to the basic glycol ether structure.

Glycol ethers Kamlet–Taft solvatochromic 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Anthony F. Lagalante
  • Christian Wood
  • Adam M. Clarke
  • Thomas J. Bruno

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