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Planning and management of the afforestation process in Northern Israel

  • Paul Ginsberg


Afforestation in Israel has matured over a 90 year period into aformalized process of planning, management and control that involves allsections of the Keren Kayemeth Leisrael's (KKL) Forest Department. Over aone to two year period sites in the Northern Region are selected, planned,reviewed, prepared, planted, tended, surveyed and monitored to insure asuccessful start to a full rotation period. Over a ten-year period underdiscussion (1990–1999) old monocultures which declined due to destructiveagents or natural aging were replaced with multispecies, multifunctionalstands.Departmental integration and cooperation in the decision making andimplementation process to meet this end helps guarantee a successfulafforestation investment. In addition, new types of specialty plantings werealso incorporated on a small scale to give added-value to the social andrecreational side of Israel's forests.

Forest planning Forest renewal Mediterranean forestry Multiple use Specialty plantings 


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