Letters in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 61, Issue 1, pp 41–50 | Cite as

Some Quantum-like Hopf Algebras which Remain Noncommutative when q = 1

  • Suemi Rodríguez-Romo
  • Earl Taft


Starting with only three of the six relations defining the standard (Manin) GL q (2), we try to construct a quantum group. The antipode condition requires some new relations, but the process stops at a Hopf algebra with a Birkhoff–Witt basis of irreducible monomials. The quantum determinant is group-like but not central, even when q = 1. So, the two Hopf algebras constructed in this way are not isomorphic to the Manin GL q (2), all of whose group-like elements are central. Analogous constructions can be made starting with the Dipper–Donkin version of GL q (2), but these turn out to be included in the two classes of Hopf algebras described above.

Hopf algebras quantum groups 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Suemi Rodríguez-Romo
    • 1
  • Earl Taft
    • 2
  1. 1.Centro de Investigaciones TeóricasUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Campus Cuautitlán, ApdoCuautitlán Izcalli, Edo. de MéxicoMéxico
  2. 2.Department of Mathematics, RutgersThe State University of New JerseyPiscatawayU.S.A.

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