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AFLP-derived SCARs facilitate construction of a 1.1 Mb sequence-ready map of a region that spans the Vf locus in the apple genome

  • Mingliang Xu
  • Schuyler S. Korban


The availability of high-density anchored markers is a prerequisite for reliable construction of a deep coverage BAC contig, which leads to creation of a sequence-ready map in the target chromosomal region. Unfortunately, such markers are not available for most plant species, including woody perennial plants. Here, we report on an efficient approach to build a megabase-size sequence-ready map in the apple genome for the Vf region containing apple scab resistance gene(s) by targeting AFLP-derived SCAR markers to this specific genomic region. A total of 11 AFLP-derived SCAR markers, previously tagged to the Vf locus, along with three other Vf-linked SCAR markers have been used to screen two apple genome BAC libraries. A single BAC contig which spans the Vf region at a physical distance of approximately 1,100 kb has been constructed by assembling the recovered BAC clones, followed by closure of inter-contig gaps. The contig is ∼ 4 ×deep, and provides a minimal tiling path of 16 contiguous and overlapping BAC clones, thus generating a sequence-ready map. Within the Vf region, duplication events have occurred frequently, and the Vf locus is restricted to the ca. 290 kb region covered by a minimum of three overlapping BAC clones.

apple scab bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) contig amplified fragment length fragment (AFLP) sequence characterized amplified region (SCAR) Vf gene 


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  • Mingliang Xu
    • 1
  • Schuyler S. Korban
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Natural Resources and Environmental SciencesUniversity of Illinois, 310 Madigan BuildingUrbanaUSA

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