Boundary-Layer Meteorology

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Airborne Investigation Of Arctic Boundary-Layer Fronts Over The Marginal Ice Zone Of The Davis Strait

  • C. Drüe
  • G. Heinemann


Three aircraft-based studies of boundary-layer fronts (BLFs) werecarried out during the experiment KABEG in April 1997near the sea-ice edge over the Davis Strait. The zone of strongestcross-front horizontal gradients showed a typical length scaleof 20 km, while the along-front scale was observed to beseveral hundreds of kilometres.The observed BLFs were stronger than the few previously reportedcases. Horizontal gradients of potential temperature and specifichumidity ranged up to 3 K or 0.25 g kg-1over 20 km, respectively.Low-level winds were around 15 m s-1 parallel to the ice edge.The capping inversion sloped from between250 and 400 m over sea ice to between 400 and 700 m over ocean.

For two BLF cases turbulent fluxes and energy budgets are calculated.Turbulent energy fluxes show a factor 2 to 3 contrast acrossthe ice edge and range from 15 to 50 W m-2 over sea iceand from 50 to 100 W m-1 over open ocean.The mean boundary-layer energy budgets are dominated bycold, dry horizontal advection, which is exceededby vertical heat flux convergence.The momentum budgets are dominated by pressure gradient force,Coriolis force and momentum flux divergence.

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  • C. Drüe
    • 1
  • G. Heinemann
    • 1
  1. 1.Meteorologisches Institut der Universität Bonn (MIUB)BonnGermany

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