Environmental Modeling & Assessment

, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp 169–175 | Cite as

Industrial pollution transport. Part 1. Formulation of the problem and air pollution estimates

  • Yuri N. Skiba
  • David Parra‐Guevara


A pollution transport problem is formulated in a limited area. As the pollution sources we take emissions from industrial plants. Physically and mathematically suitable conditions are prescribed on the open boundaries. We show that the problem (as well as its adjoint) is well posed in the sense that a weak solution exists, is unique and depends continuously on its data. Direct and adjoint estimates of the average pollution concentration in an ecologically important zone are given, and the sensitivity of these estimates to perturbations in model parameters is analyzed.

pollution transport estimates existence and uniqueness of solutions 


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  • Yuri N. Skiba
  • David Parra‐Guevara

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