Catalysis Letters

, Volume 46, Issue 3–4, pp 213–221 | Cite as

A mechanistic study of nitrous oxide adsorption and decomposition on zirconia

  • T.M. Miller
  • V.H. Grassian


FT-IR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry have been used to study the adsorption and decomposition of nitrous oxide on zirconia. It was determined that zirconia cations in the 4+ oxidation state are the site for molecular adsorption of N2O, whereas Zr3+ sites are active toward dissociative adsorption of N2O at temperatures as low as 25°C. Catalytic decomposition of N2O on ZrO2 occurs at temperatures above 350°C and follows first-order reaction kinetics. Experiments utilizing isotopic labeling in conjunction with mass spectrometry were done to elucidate the details of the reaction mechanism. Based on the results presented here, a mechanism for N2O decomposition on ZrO2 is proposed.


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  • T.M. Miller
  • V.H. Grassian

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