Catalysis Letters

, Volume 45, Issue 3–4, pp 245–248 | Cite as

Methane-water redox reaction on A2SnO4 (A=Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) oxide to produce C2 hydrocarbons

  • K. Omata
  • T. Ehara
  • I. Kawai
  • M. Yamada


A2BO4 type oxides consisting of an alkali earth metal and tin showed high selectivity (>99%) and activity for the oxidative coupling of methane at 1023 K in a methane-water redox system where active oxygen species were regenerated by water. The products were C2 hydrocarbons and hydrogen. Repeated reaction-oxidation cycles showed that the oxide is stable under both oxidative and reductive atmosphere. Doping of Bi to the oxide was found to enhance the activity for the oxidative coupling of methane.


Mixed Oxide Active Oxygen Species Methane Conversion Oxidative Coupling Alkali Earth Metal 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • K. Omata
  • T. Ehara
  • I. Kawai
  • M. Yamada

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