Annals of Operations Research

, Volume 90, Issue 0, pp 19–43 | Cite as

Computational experience with parallel mixed integerprogramming in a distributed environment

  • R.E. Bixby
  • W. Cook
  • A. Cox
  • E.K. Lee


Numerical experiments for a parallel implementation of a branch‐and‐bound mixed 0/1integer programming code are presented. Among its features, the code includes cutting‐planegeneration at the root node, and employs a new branching‐variable selection rulewithin the search tree. The code runs on a loosely‐coupled cluster of workstations usingTreadMarks as the parallel software platform. Numerical tests were performed on all mixed0/1 MIPLIB instances as well as two previously unsolved MIP instances, one arising fromtelecommunication networks and the other a multicommodity flow problem.


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  • R.E. Bixby
  • W. Cook
  • A. Cox
  • E.K. Lee

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