Annals of Operations Research

, Volume 86, Issue 0, pp 417–439 | Cite as

A heuristic algorithm for two‐machine re‐entrant shop scheduling

  • I.G. Drobouchevitch
  • V.A. Strusevich


This paper considers the problem of sequencing n jobs in a two‐machine re‐entrant shopwith the objective of minimizing the maximum completion time. The shop consists of twomachines, M1 and M2 , and each job has the processing route (M1 , M2 , M1 ). An O(n log n)time heuristic is presented which generates a schedule with length at most 4/3 times that ofan optimal schedule, thereby improving the best previously available worst‐case performanceratio of 3/2.


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  • I.G. Drobouchevitch
  • V.A. Strusevich

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