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Helicobacter pylori-Induced Gastritis May Contribute to Occurrence of Postprandial Symptomatic Hypoglycemia

  • Ozer Acbay
  • Aykut Ferhat Celik
  • Pinar Kadioglu
  • Suha Goksel
  • Sadi Gundogdu


In our clinical experience, postprandialsymptomatic hypoglycemic (PSH) patients with H. pylorigastritis showed a substantial improvement in theirhypoglycemic symptoms after the eradication of H.pylori. Therefore, in this study we have investigatedwhether H. pylori gastritis may contribute to theoccurrence of PSH. For this purpose, we have evaluatedthe following parameters in 12 PSH patients with H. pylori gastritis before and one month afterthe eradication therapy: (1) the number and severity ofPSH attacks that occurred in a one-month period using a30-day diary, (2) the total symptom score following a mixed meal using a visual analog scalequestionnaire (VASQ), and (3) the glucose and insulinresponses to the mixed meal. After the eradication of H.pylori, the serum insulin responses at 30 and 60 min decreased (P < 0.001 in both), whereasthe plasma glucose levels at 150, 180 and 210 minincreased significantly (P < 0.001 for 180 min and P< 0.01 in others) following the mixed meal. The number and severity score of PSH attacks thatoccurred in a one-month period and the area under curvefor symptom score in VASQ decreased significantly (P< 0.001 in all). These results suggest that H. pylori gastritis may contribute to theoccurrence of PSH.



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  • Ozer Acbay
  • Aykut Ferhat Celik
  • Pinar Kadioglu
  • Suha Goksel
  • Sadi Gundogdu

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