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, Volume 42, Issue 9, pp 1950–1956 | Cite as

Change in Colonic Motility After Extrinsic Autonomic Denervation in Dogs

  • Mikimasa Ishikawa
  • Ryuichi Mibu
  • Takuya Iwamoto
  • Hiroyuki Konomi
  • Yoshihiro Oohata
  • Masao Tanaka


Changes in colonic motility were compared indogs undergoing autonomic denervation of the paraaorticand presacral (group A), paraaortic (group B), ormesocolonic region (group C), and sham operation (group D). Five bipolar recording electrodes wereplaced into the seromuscular layer of the colon andrectum. The numbers of continuous electrical responseactivity and contractile electrical complex after an intragastric olive oil injection were smallerin group A than in the other groups (P < 0.05) fromthree weeks through six months after denervation. Thisdifference was significant even in the proximal colon. These data suggest that the pelvic plexus mayplay an important role in colonic motility including theproximal colon. The damage to the plexus did not recoverfor at least six months after denevation. Pelvic plexus injury may thus be one ofpossible explanations for the prolonged change in bowelhabit after anterior resection of the rectum.



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  • Mikimasa Ishikawa
  • Ryuichi Mibu
  • Takuya Iwamoto
  • Hiroyuki Konomi
  • Yoshihiro Oohata
  • Masao Tanaka

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