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The Reported Sex and Surgery Satisfactions of 28 Postoperative Male-to-Female Transsexual Patients

  • Jamil Rehman
  • Simcha Lazer
  • Alexandru E. Benet
  • Leah C. Schaefer
  • Arnold Melman


From 1980 to July 1997 sixty-one male-to-femalegender transformation surgeries were performed at ouruniversity center by one author (A.M.). Data werecollected from patients who had surgery up to 1994 (n = 47) to obtain a minimum follow-up of 3years; 28 patients were contacted. A mail questionnairewas supplemented by personal interviews with 11 patientsand telephone interviews with remaining patients to obtain and clarify additional information.Physical and functional results of surgery were judgedto be good, with few patients requiring additionalcorrective surgery. General satisfaction was expressed over the quality of cosmetic (normal appearinggenitalia) and functional (ability to perceive orgasm)results. Follow-up showed satisfied who believed theyhad normal appearing genitalia and the ability to experience orgasm. Most patients were ableto return to their jobs and live a more satisfactorysocial and personal life. One significant outcome wasthe importance of proper preparation of patients for surgeryand especially the need foradditional postoperative psychotherapy. None of thepatients regretted having had surgery. However, somewere, to a degree, disappointed because of difficultiesexperienced postoperativelyin adjusting satisfactorilyaswomen both in their relationships with men and in livingtheir lives generally as women. Findings of this studymake a strong case for making a change in the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care to include aperiod of postoperative psychotherapy.



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  • Jamil Rehman
  • Simcha Lazer
  • Alexandru E. Benet
  • Leah C. Schaefer
  • Arnold Melman

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