Archives of Sexual Behavior

, Volume 28, Issue 3, pp 265–269 | Cite as

Experiences with Sexual Aggression Within the General Population in the Czech Republic

  • Peter Weiss
  • Jaroslav Zverina


In a representative survey of the sexualbehavior of the inhabitants of the Czech Republic (862men and 825 women older than 15), questions wereincluded concerning experience with sexually aggressivebehavior: 11.6% of women reported this kind of experience(3.4% of them more than once). The average age at thetime of rape was 21.2 years. Most of these experiencesoccurred within marriage or a stable partnership. In only a tenth of them the perpetrator was astranger. Only 3.4% of the offenses were reported topolice. Of Czech men, 4.8% replied positively to thequestion whether they had ever forced a woman to have sexual contact. The most common form of theseenforced contacts was vaginal coitus.



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  • Peter Weiss
  • Jaroslav Zverina

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