Journal of Network and Systems Management

, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp 283–300 | Cite as

Managing QoS in Multimedia Services

  • Michael Fry
  • Varuni Witana
  • Pradeep Ray
  • Aruna Seneviratne


We present a case study of multimedia servicedelivery in the World Wide Web environment. Our systemis founded on the notion of end-to-endQuality-of-Service (QoS) management. We outline our viewof an integrated management frame and explain how ourQoS management architecture fits into this framework. Wethen describe our object-oriented multimedia deliverysystem based on CORBA and Java. We discuss some issues of stream delivery and managementwith reference to our own experiences.



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© Plenum Publishing Corporation 1997

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  • Michael Fry
  • Varuni Witana
  • Pradeep Ray
  • Aruna Seneviratne

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