Journal of Network and Systems Management

, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp 135–156 | Cite as

Design and Implementation of TMN SMK System Using CORBA ORB

  • Jong-Tae Park
  • Su-Ho Ha
  • James Won-Ki Hong


In Telecommunications Management Network (TMN),the interworking of manager and agent requires thesharing of management information defined as SharedManagement Knowledge (SMK) in ITU-T Recommendation M.3010. SMK includes information on theprotocol knowledge, management functions, managed objectclasses and their instances, and authorizationcapabilities. We have developed a CORBA-based TMN SMKsystem in order to provide a dynamic and efficientdistributed processing environment for the exchange ofmanagement information between managers and agents. Inthis paper, we discuss the design issues and present the design of a CORBA-based SMK systemincluding the access protocol for obtaining the SMKinformation from MIB and for SMK context negotiations.Also, our effort on the prototype implementation of anSMK system using ORBeline and OSIMIS is presented.The preliminary performance results of our prototypeimplementation show that ORB-based SMK informationaccess outperforms CMIS-based SMK information access, and that our approach is an efficient way ofexchanging SMK information.



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  • Jong-Tae Park
  • Su-Ho Ha
  • James Won-Ki Hong

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