Archives of Sexual Behavior

, Volume 27, Issue 2, pp 197–207 | Cite as

Effects of Positive and Negative Mood on Sexual Arousal in Sexually Functional Males

  • William B. Mitchell
  • Patricia Marten Dibartolo
  • Timothy A. Brown
  • David H. Barlow


Effects of positive and negative musical mood induction on subjective and objective sexual arousal were examined in a group of sexually functional males (N = 24). Subjects evidenced significantly greater objective and subjective sexual response in the positive mood induction condition relative to both baseline and a neutral control condition. In contrast, the negative mood induction condition yielded significantly less objective sexual arousal than baseline and a neutral control condition. Data provide additional empirical support for the hypothesized impact of mood on sexual arousal.



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  • William B. Mitchell
  • Patricia Marten Dibartolo
  • Timothy A. Brown
  • David H. Barlow

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