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Electrical resistance as a tool in determining the failure of fibres in a nicalon-reinforced LAS glass-ceramic with Ta2O5 additions



The electrical resistance of a Nicalon-reinforced lithium aluminosilicate glass-ceramic with Ta2O5 additions was used as an indicator of fibre and TaC/Carbon coating fracture during flexural testing. The resistivities of fibres in the composite were significantly lower than the free fibres owing to the high conductivity carbon and TaC coatings which formed during hot pressing. Hot-pressing times beyond 0.5 h resulted in a degradation of flexural strength via the formation of a strongly bonded TaC layer at the expense of the carbon debond layer.


Ultimate Strength Ceramic Matrix Composite Interfacial Shear Strength Compressive Failure Lithium Aluminosilicate 


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