Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 32, Issue 17, pp 4719–4722 | Cite as

Degradation of Al2O3–SiC–Al composites prepared by the oxidative growth of Al-alloys into SiC particulate

  • T. V MANI


Composites of Al2O3–SiC–Al have been prepared by the oxidative infiltration of Si-free aluminium alloys into SiC particulate that were coated with spray-pyrolysed alumina. Moisture degradation studies were carried out to evaluate the extent of formation of aluminium carbide, the formation of which was also inferred by the determination of the residual silicon content in the composite. The efficiency of the coating technique in protecting the SiC from attack by the melt was evaluated at 1000 and 1200 °C.


Boehmite Aluminium Carbide Coated Powder Metallic Constituent Uncoated Particle 
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Authors and Affiliations

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  • T. V MANI
  1. 1.Department of MetallurgyIndian Institute of ScienceBangaloreIndia
  2. 2.Structural Ceramic UnitRegional Research Laboratory (SIR)TrivandrumIndia

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