A rapid sequential separation of actinides using Eichrom's extraction chromatographic material

  • A. H. Thakkar


For the past 10 years, Eichrom has provided a variety of innovative products for faster separation of radionuclides to radioanalytical laboratories. However, recently, environmental testing laboratories have been challenged to generate reliable data more quickly. To assist our customers with rapid separations, Eichrom has developed a new configuration for its existing extraction chromatographic material that operates with vacuum assisted flow. After pre-concentration of actinides from a given sample, the actinides are dissolved in a suitable solution. Appropriate Eichrom Resin Cartridges are placed on a vacuum box system. Sample solutions are then passed through the cartridges under optimal vacuum pressure. In this paper, a scheme for separation of actinides in different matrices are discussed using Eichrom Resin Cartridges. Time required for separations, test results and ease of use are the primary discussions of this paper.


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