International Journal of Theoretical Physics

, Volume 41, Issue 5, pp 823–838


  • W. A. Perkins


The similarity of the commutation relations for bosons and quasibosons (fermion pairs) suggests the possibility that all integral spin particles presently considered to be bosons could be quasibosons. The boson commutation relations for integral spin particles could be just an approximation to the quasiboson commutation relations that contain an extra term. Although the commutation relations for quasibosons are slightly more complex, it is a simpler picture of matter in that only fermions and composite particles formed of fermions exist. Mesons are usually referred to as bosons, but they must be quasibosons since their internal structure is fermion (quark) pairs. The photon is usually considered to be an elementary boson, but as shown here, existing experiments do not rule out the possibility that it is also a quasiboson. We consider how the quasiboson, composite nature of such a photon might manifest itself.

quasibosons composite photon commutation relations symmetry under interchange 


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